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Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church was birthed out of a desire for families in the community to attend Sunday School. The late Mr. and Mrs. C.N. McCullers began to open the doors of their home for weekly prayer meetings and Christ centered teaching. The movement began to spread like wildfire and as a result the families of Deacon Fred Harris, Brother George Daymond, Brother Benjamin Reade along with the Steven family joined in. The late Rev. Smith and Rev. Harvey Bland assisted in movement also. The movement spread throughout many homes from about 1944-1949.

In the Spring of 1949, the late Rev. Harvey Bland led this small gathering into the beginning of a Missionary Baptist Church. Mr. C.N. McCullers approached Mr. J.W. Marks, a Caucasian citizen who owned land in the community concerning a site and it was agreed to allow the Church to have some land. The Church site was a donation from Mr. Marks.

Records from a deed dated January 29, 1950, that Mr. Marks conveyed to Mr. C.N. McCullers, Benjamin Reade and Lonnie Degraffenreid; trustees of the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church land consisting of two and one tenth acres. Mr. Marks expressed to Mr. McCullers that he desired to do something for the Blacks in the community. This was a blessing to the community and church. Mr. John Scott suggested to name the church Oak Grove, as it was situated in a grove of oak trees.

Rev. Bland was the first Pastor and served for several years and it was under his great leadership that the first building began. Oak Grove went on to become apart of the Wake Baptist Association in 1949. Pastor Bland resigned in 1952 and was succeeded by Rev. Clyde B. Walton. Pastor Walton served until 1955. All the while a cinder block sanctuary was being constructed. Each minister led the congregation a litter further along the way. Rev. Avery Horton was elected as Pastor in 1956 and served for eleven years. Pastor Horton led the people to the completion of some the work that had already begun. After Pastor Horton’s resignation, Rev. J.M. Carraway served as Pastor for almost one year.

Rev. S.T. Harris was called to Pastor in 1968. Pastor Harris kept the church moving forward as he worked on improving both the spiritual and physical side of Oak Grove. Pastor Harris served for eleven years. Some of the accomplishments made while under his Pastoral leadership include organizing the Young Adult Choir, which would later be called the Davis Spiritual Light Ensemble, and the purchasing of a new pulpit and pews.